Are you using PI marked valves and regulators ?

All Arrow Precision CO2 valves and regulators conform to the relevant regulations and standards, and PI marked.

“Pressure equipment and assemblies placed on the market and put into service in the United Kingdom and EEC must comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive(P.E.­­­­­­D)”Source: DTI Product Standards Pressure Equipment. April 2005, URN 05/1074

Failure to comply with these requirements: Means that such pressure equipment or assemblies cannot legally be supplied in the UK.

The penalty for contravening the regulations could result in prosecution and penalties on conviction of a fine of up to £5,000 or, imprisonment for up to 3 months, or both. These laws are enforced in Great Britain by the Health & Safety Executive.

Use of non approved equipment, may invalidate your site liability insurance.

Note: Refilling of non conforming equipment is not permitted.


Read the officall document :Small gas cylinders and fittings for use in paintball sports





Valves and Regulators

At Arrow Precision, skillful design, careful choice of materials and precision machining are all combined to produce the safest, most reliable paintball valves available.

There is provision for safe release of gas from the cylinder in the event of unintentional unscrewing from the cylinder of the valve or regulator.

The two milled sections on the male 5/8th UNF bottle thread has been designed to form a channel to allow controlled release of the
contained gas.

The two channels are opposing each other so any resultant forcesgenerated by the releasing gas are equal and opposite and hence cancelled out.

The male 5/8th UNF bottle thread has been designed over the required length (2D) to engage with female cylinder valve so there is more turns to actually remove the units.

This is intended as a secondary safety element so that even with gas escaping from the safety channels, a user could not fully unscrew a full cylinder- causing a projectile cylinder.

The escaping gas should also act as a very good indicator to a user that something is wrong and prevent further unscrewing!

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